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 Hay have a story with a lame title. A story of a dream.

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Hay have a story with a lame title. A story of a dream. Empty
PostSubject: Hay have a story with a lame title. A story of a dream.   Hay have a story with a lame title. A story of a dream. Icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2009 5:38 pm

Title: A story of a dream.
Genre: Fan Fiction.
Adaptation: Harreh Pottah/Cinderella.
Authors Notes/Description: Happy birthday Nicole. Yeah um, I'll write a better one later. This is kinda lame. I was really tired when i wrote this. So most of it doesn't make any sense. And sorry if i offend anyone. I don't think i will though. Anyways, have some harry potter fan fiction.


On the hour Nicole turned 11 years old. An owl flew threw her open window and dropped a letter on her bedroom floor. Hooted a few times then flew off. She instantly sat up in bed. She was still half asleep as she lazily rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Hearing an owl in her room. How could she possibly be awake? She then yawned and look to her bedroom floor. Where there lay a letter. "Maybe there was on owl in my room?" She said to herself scratching her head.
She picked it up and turned it over to see the returned sender. She knew about magic, wizards and witches. Her parents were wizard folk themselves. But she had no signs of being able to use magic. She was worried she was going to be a squib. But no. She was wrong. Because what she held in her hands was her very own acceptance letter to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Signed by the headmaster, Dumbledoor, himself. She checked the address a few times in disbelief. It was address to her alright.


Now in her fifth year at Hogwarts. She had made an emotional bond with one of the teachers. No one knew of course. It was just one of those silly little crushes. Even though she wasn't the best of witches. She rather unusually good at potions. High grades, the only class that wasn't a F or a D. Why? Maybe because Professor Snape was just a really good teacher. Or Handsome as she thought.


In the dining hall sitting at the far left table. Sat Nicole and her posse. Everyone needs a posse at Hogwarts. No matters how big it is. Aimee being the oldest a seventh year. Probably the only one with any sense of reality there. The only male in the group and Griffindor, James. He was the guy who was friends with everyone. Even Draco. Although he'd never admit it.
Carmun (hope i spelt it right ^^), she was a small Asian girl who was Nicole close friend. Nell, the comedian of the group. She was also close friends with Aimee. And then there's Vori. Muggle born. Slytherin. Write strange stories about Voldemort. Oh I'm sorry. You-Know-Who.
What more could you want as best friends?

"What do you guys think of a dream journal?" Nicole asked to break the silence between then at dinner.
" I has a few ~^^~" Vori replied with a smile.
"No, they were dream journals. You've just filled them with junk about You-Know-Who" Stated Aimee.
" Oh how could you know me so well, dear friend?" Smirked Vori.
" Well, i think you should get one. Especially if your having nightmares. It would really help. It would make you sleep better if you write it down." said James.
But Nicole agreed with James. It was the only real answer given anyway.

So that night in the Slytherin common room. After professor Snape had been and said it was lights out. Nicole snuck out of the girls dorm with a blank book, a quill and some ink. In to the common room.
On a small table she placed her ink, quill and blank book. She sat there for a brief moment before writing.


" Once upon a time in a distance land lived a handsome prince. Who was looking for a wife. Not too far from the castle live a young fair maiden. She lived with her evil stepmother and as much as she was like Cinderella she didn't have any ugly stepsisters. But an ugly stepbrother. Neutral . All day long she cooked and cleaned. " Nicole do this, Nicole do that" It was the same routine everyday. Till one day a short man appeared at the door. Baring invitations to a royal ball. But the evil stepmother said Nicole had to stay home and clean. Nicole very upset and ran out the front back. She cried for hours. Till all of a sudden. Her fairy godfather arrived. Her fairy godfather Alan Rickman made her a red shiny corset dress and a beautiful transformer or yellow Chevrolet Camaro to take her to the royal ball. By singing three magical words. Bibidi Bobidi Bo! There was even a musical number. But the spell would run out at midnight. So off Nicole went to the royal ball. All the girls at the ball were jealous of her beautiful dress. The prince noticed it instantly. Come on, you'd need glasses to shield you eyes from the glitter. He gracefully walked up to her. And introduced himself. His voice was like soft velvet. " My Name is Severus Snape" he said. Nicole was stunned. He asked her to dance and she quickly agreed. They danced until the clock strike midnight. The clocked boomed through the ballroom room. Nicole remembered the spell. She insanely apologized to the prince that she had to leave. And she dashed away leaving one glass converse shoe she was wearing behind. Then for the next week the prince went in search of the girl he danced with at the royal ball. One day he showed up at Nicoles house. Asking if the women there wouldn't mind trying on the shoe. And he explain to them the story. The evil stepmother got excited and said it was defiantly her. But the shoe was too small. She tried to squish her foot it but it still wouldn't fit. And at that moment when the prince asked if there were anymore women in this house. Nicole emerged sweeping up the mess the prince and the small man brought in with them. The Prince asked Nicole if she wouldn't mind trying on the shoe. But her evil stepmother butted in say that she wasn't at the ball because she was their maid. But the Prince insisted because she look familiar. So Nicole tried the shoe on. It was an perfect fit. That's when the prince proposed. He knew she was the girl he danced with on the night of the royal ball. Later that day they were wed. And they lived happily ever after! The End!"

The end

Oh have a look at the awesome car alan rickman gave you.
Hay have a story with a lame title. A story of a dream. S6001624
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Hay have a story with a lame title. A story of a dream.
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