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 Need help with BBcode?

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Need help with BBcode? Empty
PostSubject: Need help with BBcode?   Need help with BBcode? Icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 5:15 pm

Need help with BBcode?
Here's a few hints to help you along.

To make writing a specific colour, place [color=] with the colour name after the equal sign, before the writing and [/color] after the writing.
You can use almsot any colour. cyclops

To make writing a specific size, place [size=insertsizehere] before the writing and [/size] after.
Our basic size is 10. So placing 10, wont make a difference.
Please don't go any bigger than 30. It's just common courtesy. silent

Writing effects?
[b]forbold[/b], [i]foritalic[/i], [strike]forstrike[/strike] and [u]forunderline[/u].

Your welcome.
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Need help with BBcode?
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